Tolú & Coveñas


Following the Caribbean coast northwest from Cartagena brings you to the beach resort towns of Tolu and Coveñas. An excellent jumping off point for the tropical islands located nearby, book ahead during Colombian holidays since these towns are longtime favourites for national holidaymakers. Fancy getting away from it all, head out to the San Bernardo islands and snorkel in crystalline waters.

About Sucre: Located on the Caribbean coast, the department of Sucre is home to various attractions of interest to the traveller from the beaches in Tolu and nearby Coveñas, the corraleja bullfights in Sincelejo, the furniture makers of Sampues amongst others. Easily accessible if travelling south from Capurgana or just heading across from Cartagena this is an emerging destination and appeals greatly to the domestic market.

[box] Did you know? In 1855, Colombia signed a contract with Panamá Railroad Company to build the first interoceanic train in the world. A 79,65 kilometers long railroad track connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.[/box]

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