ALTITUDE: 5 m.a.s.l

  • Riohacha is known as the Pearl of America pearling in a failed attempt to conquer the Spaniards in Wayuu territory with a great boardwalk full of handmade bags of all colors , it is the privileged place between beaches, rivers , deserts and mixtures cultural , historical I have . has a large white sandy beach with tourist pier to watch the sunset accompanied by a cold beer , its main food includes seafood , goat , beans and arepas with cheese and some fruits like mango and Iguaraya . From the city begins the adventure to visit the most beautiful beaches of this place through Manaure municipality recognized by the extraction of salt, Uribia indigenous capital of Colombia and rest in place of the candle and chickens tip lying in a hammock lulled by the breeze from the northeast winds

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How to get there

If you come from Santa Marta bus ( 3hr ) or Palomino ( 2 hours) get off at Riohacha in the SAO supermarket and walk ( 5 min ) via the beach on cra 15 or avenue students , until the Federico stadium Serrano Soto , the hostel is located in front of the entrance to the parking ,

if you arrive from the airport can take a taxi ( 10000COP ) at an approximate distance of ( 10 minutes )

and if you come walking about (30 min ) on the same avenue the CRA students 15 to reach the stadium . If you arrive from the bus terminal take the FLC 15 to the second traffic light and turn right on the CRA 15 to reach the stadium , located international flags

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