In some of the main cities of the country located by the Andean mountain range, tap water is usually safe to drink. But as a precaution always ask a reliable source like the hostel where you will be staying. In other regions like the Caribbean, Pacific, Amazon, and Orinoquia water is not usually treated, always try to carry your own potable water.

110 Volts. Bring a power converter and 2 parallel flat prongs – US type

Tips are voluntary, but many Colombians will be happy to receive a tip. Think that the basic salary in the country is too low and you can help them with some extra money.

How to call:
Colombian international code is 57. Each department in Colombia
has an additional specific area code called “Indicativos”.
Outside of Colombia to landline: + (57) +(area code) + phone number
Outside of Colombia to mobile: + (57) + mobile number
Mobile to landline: 03 + (area code) + phone number
landline to landline in the same department: only the phone number
landline to landline different department: + (area code) + phone number
Landline to mobile: + (03) + mobile number



Useful Websites: (Tourist Information) (Official Tourist Information) (National Parks of Colombia) (Tourist information) (Roads Conditions, click in “Estado de las Vías”) (Official Weather & Climate information) (Official Maps of Colombia) / (Research organizations)

Airlines / / / (Amazonia & Orinoquia)

Buses (Central Andes & Caribbean Coast) (Central, North East Andes & Caribbean Coast) (Central, North East & South Andes) (Central & South Andes) (Central, North East Andes & Orinoquía) (Central, North East Andes & Orinoquía)


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