Vitrips Hostel, Villavicencio

Agosto 23, 2018 Sebastián Alemán 0 Comments

Vitrips Hostel, Villavicencio

Direccion: Calle 7 # 41-28, Villavicencio
Cellphone: +57 – 3167417881

Just to 90 minutes away and by a spectacular highway, separates Bogotá D.C. of the department of META: with an extension of 86,635 kilometers, a temperature that oscillates between 17 and 35 degrees centigrade. VITRIPSIs a place of accommodation for passing travelers, tourists and backpackers.

We seek that our guests rest in a safe, comfortable, spacious, clean and very familiar environment; they can interact with each other and thus meet different people and cultures. We have 6 rooms: 3 rooms of multiple accommodation, 2 rooms with double bed for 2 people type hostel and a suite for 2 people with all the comforts of a luxury room; large social areas, free-use computer, rest terrace, library, tourist information of the plain and a large portfolio of activities planned for your enjoyment.

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