Hacienda Venecia, Manizales

Octubre 15, 2013 admin 0 Comments

Address: Vereda El Rosario, 20 minutes away from Manizales 
Cellphone: +57 – 320 636 5719
E-mail: posada@haciendavenecia.com

Hacienda Venecia is one of the most traditional coffee farms in Colombia and is considered to be amongst the most perfect places to learn and experience Colombia’s coffee culture. Our coffee farm has accommodation in private and shared rooms and is in a breathtaking setting in a tropical oasis of tranquility and biodiversity. We are just 20 minutes from Manizales, offer a variety of lodging options and are, as you can imagine, surrounded by coffee plantations. Come and bird watch, hike the trails and sample some of Colombia’s finest brewed coffee.

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