cartagena-mapPOPULATION: 40.00
ALTITUDE: 33 m.a.s.l

Colonial Mompós is the beating heart of the Colombia of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Come and visit this forgotten UNESCO recognized colonial town on the banks of the mighty Magdalena river, tour the nearby lakes and wetlands rich in birdlife, soak up the atmosphere as you wander its ornate and antiquated streets, kick back in a rocking chair and marvel at a town where time seemingly stands still.

Embrace the spirit of adventure in your travel plans and strike out to Mompós, a lesser known route along the Colombian coast. You will be rewarded in feeling a pioneer to this elegantly decaying yet tremendously atmospheric town.

Mompós evokes a time past, one of legends, curious traditions and fervent Catholicism blended with literature and local beliefs. Shop for world renowned silver jewelry, enjoy fresh tropical juices in the plaza and immerse yourself in one of Colombia’s most historic and unknown towns. Allow yourself to be embraced by the slow pace of life that courses through Mompós.

Don’t Miss:

  • The ecological and birdwatching tour to the Cienaga de Pjino
  • The Semana Santa celebrations and shopping for world famous silver jewelry
  • Dining al fresco and trying new tropical fruit juices in the Plaza Santo Domingo


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