How to travel in Colombia

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You can check this web site to take the best tips for your trip, here you can find all the classic, traditional and beautiful destination, but also the destination that are undiscovered by the tourist like the amazing plains, amazon or pacific coast. In case if you haven’t access to check our web site or the internet connection are not available, remember that we produce a complete Pocket guide of Colombia with all the update tourist information, with more than 70 destination of Colombia.

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Pocket Guide 4th Edition

By Colombian Hostels

Available in Paper & Issuu

The 4th Edition from Colombian Hostels is a pocket guide with all the information you need to enjoy our country

  • History, geography, ecology and more
  • Festivals and fairs
  • 76 destinations
  • More than 200 pictures, 29 full – color maps
  • Images to help identify sonme of the native and endemic bird species found here
  • Illustrated Guide Pre- Columbian Gold Artifacts
  • 12 facts and interesting short stories about places, history and curiosities
  • Information about the most popular hostels in Colombia and more


You can ask in the desk of any reception of our affiliated hostels, located in more than 25 destinations around Colombia, some tourist information offices, our advertisers and more.

keep it during your trip in Colombia and pass to another traveler when you finish your journey.

Remember. Our Guide, it’s free!

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