El Cocuy National Natural Park

EL Cocuy National Natural Park

cocuyWith 25 snowy peaks making up the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, for many enthusiasts this is the sole reason to visit Colombia. The park spreads over 4 departments and offers a plethora of options for those wishing to explore the mountaineering options available. Enjoy a 6 day guided trek starting in Guican and ending in El Cocuy taking in the full circuit of glaciers, valleys and peaks.

Cocuy & Güicán


Cocuy and Güican are the two towns from which you can start your adventures into the mountainous haven of the PNN El Cocuy.
In either of these small towns you can find many options of accommodation and information on where to secure guides, eat, use an internet cafe and so on. If coming here in the peak months of December and January you are advised to call ahead to make reservations at least for your first night.

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