Cabo de la Vela, Camarones

cabo-de-la-velaCabo de la Vela

Wayuu rancherías dot the coastline offering precious shade from the blazing Guajira desert sun. This is Cabo de la Vela, an unspoiled stretch of beach mid-way along the coast between Riohacha and Punta Gallinas. Calm waters lap the whitish sands and a vermilion cardinal breaks the monotony of the desert scenery. Wait for the piece de resistance, the unforgettable sunset that takes place here in Cabo de la Vela with its hues of purple, red and gold reflected upon the waters.


camaronesAs a striking contrast to the harsh Guajira desert is this coastal nature sanctuary of Los Flamencos. Consisting of 4 large lagoons converging in a mangrove swamp that protects the shoreline, this has long been an open secret for birdwatchers. Here you can see flamingos and other estuary birdlife living harmoniously alongside the small Wayuu fishing communities.


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