Bogotá D.C.

bogotaPOPULATION: 8.000.000
ALTITUDE: 2.650 m.a.s.l

Colombia’s capital city is a captivating urban center with friendly people and a familiarity that, despite its capital city status, feels more village-like with its small barrios, rural settings and pine-clustered hillsides. The rich cultural life, beautiful architecture and a charm that swirls, along with the high altitude winds and clear blue skies, bewitch tourists making them stay longer than originally planned.

This is an active city with a great variety of activities on offer from museums, the Cerro de Monserrate, the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira, flea markets to an interesting and effervescent night life. The old town of the Candelaria – where most of the attractions can be enjoyed – will transport you back to the XVI century.
Bogotá continues to blossom culturally with well-patronized libraries, fine universities and international businesses are making this city a hub. Take a bike out during Bogotá’s renowned Sunday ciclovia to explore the north of the city and then, in the company of friends, enjoy a hearty local specialty of ajiaco soup to stave off the chill that blows along this Andean cordillera. Bogotá is a business city rapidly embracing its newfound status as a destination that can draw in the tourism beguiling with regal accommodations, fine dining and a savage yet compelling history.

Don’t Miss:

  • Wandering the Colonial Candelaria’s scenic streets lined with artsy cafes, restaurants and adorned with interesting graffiti.
  • Enjoying active Bogota by taking out a bike on the Sunday Ciclovia, hiking in the Cerros Orientales or up to Monserrate.
  • The capital’s plethora of world class museums housed in interesting architectural attractions such as the Museo del Oro, the Museo Nacional and the Museo de Arte Moderno.

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