Bahía Solano

bahia-solanoPOPULATION: 10.000
ALTITUDE: 1 m.a.s.l

Where the jungles of the Choco tumble right into the Pacific Ocean leaving what can only be described as nature in its full pomp and glory. Travelling to this section of Colombia is to feel a pioneer, to visit where few Colombians have visited and to experience some of the most exotic and naturally exuberant regions of South America.
And where better to enjoy the Choco than in the towns of Valle and Bahia Solano, long drawing in intrepid souls interested in striking it out into unknown lands to surf, kayak, scuba dive, fish, hike and above all experience a true Colombia unaffected by the decisions and whimsy of the big city. Here you’ll find Afro Colombian and Embera Indigenous cultures blended together.

Breaching Humpback whales can be viewed from the shore in migration season making this destination all the more attractive to those not wishing to miss a true natural marvel. But it’s not all water-based here; the protected mangrove swamps and rolling jungle hills are home to a cornucopia of bird species that would make even the most practiced birdwatcher salivate.

Don’t Miss:

  • The raucous Fiestas de la Virgin de Carmen in July
  • Seeing the Humpback whales breach
  • Sunsets on the beach along the Utria National Park

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How to get there:

Air:  There are daily direct flights to Bahia Solano from Medellin’s Olaya Herrera airport in the Poblado Neighborhood.  Check with Satena, and ADA for flight availability.  At the airport of Bahia Solano there are public transport options available going to El Valle, just tell them you are going to ” La Tortuga Jorobada”

Sea:  There is a boat leaving every Tuesday from Buenaventura to Bahia Solano, the trip is roughly 24 hours, the price is 150,000 pesos, and includes 3 meals and a bunk bed.  You can contact the captain Oscar at 320 726 2065 for more info.  The same boat returns from Bahia Solano to Buenaventura on Saturdays.  At the port of Bahia Solano there are public transport options available going to El Valle, just tell them you are going to ” La Tortuga Jorobada.”

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