Who We Are

The Colombian Hostels Association was an initiative created by Colombia’s first 12 hostels, all known for their great service and knowledge of the country. In 2005, with the aim of serving the growing backpacker market in Colombia, these founding member hostels began networking, sharing their knowledge and quality. In 2008, they formed a governmentally recognized, non-for-profit organization.

Since then, our association has continued to grow with the vision of continuing to improve our quality of hostels. All affiliated hostels are legally established businesses. At our biannual association meetings, we are now routinely joined by governmental bodies that are aware of this important slice of the tourism market and that provide us with invaluable training.


Our main objective is to show backpackers great importance in the touristic development of a country. They are the first to venture into new destinations. This independent tourism greatly benefits local economies. Another goal is to guarantee our visitors high-quality, secure and informative lodging. By doing so, backpackers to Colombia will continue to recommend the country as a destination par excellence.


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